Jon F. Ackerman, DDS
Jon F. Ackerman, DDS

Dr. Jon F. Ackerman graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and graduated with a DDS degree and later earned a degree in prosthodontics from Boston University’s prestigious Goldman School of Dentistry.

Dr. Ackerman specializes in the restoration of dental implants, crowns, bridges, dentures, and other restorative dental procedures using cutting-edge technologies.

How is a prosthodontist different from other dentists and dental specialists?

The term “prostho” means replacement and “dontist” means dealing with teeth. Essentially, prosthodontists are THE recognized experts when anything needs to be replaced in your mouth. This can range from a single tooth, multiple teeth, or all teeth and gums in the mouth. While many other dentists can do some of these treatments, prosthodontists are the specialists dedicated to this type of care.

Prosthodontists have advanced training in restoring and replacing teeth. Prosthodontists are considered the leaders of the dental treatment plan. They regularly lead teams of general dentists, specialists, and other health professionals to develop solutions for your dental needs.

Why choose Dr. Jon F. Ackerman?

With over 30 years of experience, Dr. Jon F. Ackerman is one of the few dentists in the area who has comprehensively incorporated the use of dental lasers into his practice for the benefit of his patients.

Dr. Ackerman has completed extensive training in dental laser technology and can provide laser treatments for a wide spectrum of dental needs. This includes “No Shot, No Drill” fillings, less invasive gum surgeries that result in decreased postoperative discomfort and faster healing time, treatment of facial pain and TMJ disorders, and teeth bleaching.

Intraoral Scanners for Digital Impressions 

Intraoral scanners are a crucial component of modern dental practices, allowing for more accurate restorations and more efficient relationships with labs. Digital impressions also improve the patient experience by reducing chair-time and the overall number of visits.


Tomorrow's technology for today's perfect smile:

Virtually Painless

Are you scared of going to the dentist because you’ll hear the dreaded drill screeching in your ear?  Or maybe you are terrified of the needle — and who likes leaving the dental office with a droopy or puffy face? These dental fears can be alleviated with a Waterlase dentist. The Waterlase is a dental laser that enables the dentist to use minimal and in some cases even no anesthetic or drills to perform many routine dental procedures!

More Natural Dentistry

The Waterlase combines water, air, and laser energy for safe use on human tissue in the mouth. Our teeth are partially made up of water and when the laser makes contact with the tooth it excites the water molecules to cut through the tooth. This patented technology helps prevent heat and gives you a virtually pain-free experience while creating fewer aerosols than traditional dental handpieces.

More Convenient

Even for those who floss, brush, and use fluoride regularly, sometimes you still have a cavity. Between your commitments, you may not have the time to schedule another dental appointment. With Waterlase you don’t have to worry! Waterlase is gentle enough that your dentist can complete most of your dental needs in a single visit. Plus, in some cases, your Waterlase dentist can save you the hassle of going to a specialist or scheduling multiple dental visits.

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