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Over the years, our practice has diagnosed and successfully treated thousands of challenging and difficult endodontic and periodontic cases. Our goal is always to deliver the very best specialty services to your patients.

We strive to continuously advance how we support your practice.

We know that treatment methods and technologies advance quickly in today’s dentistry. We are not only passionate about finding the best treatments, but we have the resources, training and equipment necessary to provide them to your patients.

The era of multi-disciplinary dentistry is here.

Our practice is the first and only practice in the state of Connecticut to integrate Endodontics, Periodontics, Maxillofacial Radiology, and Dental Anesthesiology. Our office is also state-certified to perform full-sedation anesthesia with a dental anesthesiologist, and maintained the high standard of care necessary to obtain our JCAHO approval.

Dr. Alan Rosenthal and Dr. Michael Wiener work together on diagnosis and treatment of cases that may potentially have both endodontic and periodontic involvement. (It has been reported that over 75% of teeth with periodontal involvement have some endodontic involvement and conversely over 75% of teeth endodontically compromised have some periodontal involvement.) This team-based approach is the key to the most successful results for your specialty patients.

Now, with our integration of CT Sleep Center, we can also bring our expertise to bear in diagnosing and treating sleep disorders, including mild-to-moderate obstructive sleep apnea. This is yet another way we help you improve not just your patients’ oral health but also their quality of life.

We want to be an extension of your practice!

We know that you strive to provide the best possible outcome for your patients, and when those patients need specialized endodontic and periodontic treatment, we want to be there for you as well as for them. All patients are always encouraged and instructed to return to their general dentist for all restorative treatment, and we welcome your calls to discuss any of our treatment procedures and technology.

We look forward to working with you and your patients. Thank you for your confidence in choosing our practice!




Dr. Ankur Talati
Dr. Ankur Talati


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